What is Lola Jean’s Giveback?

Think of Lola Jean’s Giveback as a pop-up coffee shop for a cause. We’re collaborating with Kaldi’s Coffee to raise money for some really important causes in our community. For the next year (give or take), we’re going to sell coffee and baked goods just down the street from Russell’s On Macklind, and give away the profits.

Visit Lola Jean’s Giveback at 5400 Nottingham Ave


Traditional Espresso Drinks

House mugs are all handmade and may vary slightly in volume.

Double Shot
Marked w/ Steamed Milk (3oz)
Equal Parts Espresso & Steamed Milk (4oz)
Espresso w/ Thickly Textured Steamed Milk (6oz)
$3.65 / $4.20
Espresso w/ Steamed Milk (12oz / 16oz)
$4.20 / $4.75
Espresso w/ Steamed Milk & Chocolate Ganache (12oz / 16oz)
Espresso & Hot Water (12oz)
Milk Options
free / $.50
Milk | Skim Milk | Coconut Milk + $.50 | Soy Milk + $.50 | Almond Milk + $.50
Iced Tea

Other Steamed Drinks

Hot Chocolate
$3.00 / $3.50
Steamed Milk w/ Chocolate Ganache (12oz / 16oz)
Chai Latte
$4.25 / $4.75
Firepot Spiced Chai Tea w/ Steamed Milk (12oz / 16oz)
Dirty Chai Latte
$4.75 / $5.00
Chai Latte + Espresso (12oz / 16oz)
Matcha Latte
$4.25 / $4.75
Firepot Matcha Green Tea w/ Steamed Milk (12oz / 16oz)

Coffee Flavors

All syrups made in-house

Vanilla Bean, Mint, Lemon
Orange, Rosemary, Black Pepper
Fresh Mint
Vanilla Bean
Maple, Clove, Ginger
Brown Sugar, Lime, Cinnamon

Pour Over

Please allow up to 4 minutes of brew time for pour over coffees.

Chemex Brew
Rotating Single Origin Small Lot Coffees - 12oz

Drip Coffee

Russell’s Café Blend (House)
$3.50 / $3.00 / $3.25
Bottomless Mug - $3.50 | 12oz To Go - $3.00 | 16oz To Go - $3.25
Decaf Russell’s Café Blend
$3.50 / $3.00 / $3.25
Bottomless Mug - $3.50 | 12oz To Go - $3.00 | 16oz To Go - $3.25
Rotating House Flavor
$3.50 / $3.00 / $3.25
Bottomless Mug - $3.50 | 12oz To Go - $3.00 | 16oz To Go - $3.25

Cold Brew On Tap!

Cold Brew Nitro Coffee
Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

Lose Leaf Hot Tea

Please allow up to 4 minutes of steeping time for hot tea.  All teas brewed with 16oz of water. Feel free to come back to the counter for a 2nd steep.

Breakfast Black
Italian Grey
Moroccan Jasmine Mint
Japanese Peasant Green
Indian Rose Garden

We’re donating all proceeds to nonprofits that are making a difference in our community. The nonprofit recipients of our giveback will rotate every few months so we can spread the love, so be sure to encourage your favorite nonprofits to apply.

Nonprofits that are interested in being a giveback recipient can:   Apply Here

We want to be part of what’s right in our community. Our customers and neighbors at Russell’s On Macklind have been so very good to us these past few years, we feel the need to give something back. We still have a long way to go (and grow), but we have an opportunity to use the space at 5400 Nottingham Ave. to help others. So we’re going for it. Will you join us?

  • Drink coffee, give back: Stop by for coffee and snacks. Bring a friend or three with you. We want this to be another welcoming space in the Macklind Business District where friends and family can gather.
  • Help us find nonprofits: Know an amazing nonprofit that you think should be a nonprofit recipient of Lola Jean’s Giveback? Contact the nonprofit and encourage them to apply here.
  • Spread the word: When more people visit Lola Jean’s Giveback, more money goes toward helping others.
  • Donate: Want to donate directly to one of our nonprofit recipients? We like that, too.

Our nonprofits list is coming soon!